Our Company

Heat-Flo, Inc. is a full service design and manufacturing firm dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective solutions for hydronic, solar, and electric based water heating system products, and for hydronic and radiant heating applications. Heat-Flo originates all product design, manufacturing, sales, and ongoing market support at our facility in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA. We continue to invest a large proportion of our resources in new product development.


Heat-Flo, Inc. was established in 1998. Our initial goal was to develop and manufacture a line of indirect water heaters that delivered the performance and features that contractors and end-users required, while providing installation and service benefits that would make our products the easy to install, clear choice of heating professionals.

The two most important features of all of our products are quality, and ease of installation.

In 1998 the initial line consisted of 40, 60, and 80 gallon indirect water heaters soon followed by 30, 50 and 115-gallon models. While new models and a commitment to continuous product enhancements were added over the past decade, many of the original key product features are carried through to this day:

2005 saw new water heating system products, enhancements, and Heat-Flo’s entrance into the Solar market with the introduction of the Dual-Coil units. These tanks are quickly becoming the standard in the solar market. Heating professionals also found other uses for the second coil that include feeding small hydronic heating zones, connecting the bottom coil to wood boilers, and connecting both coils to a boiler for double heat transfer.

In 2006, Heat-Flo launched a line of Hydronic Buffer Tanks. These tanks are used to reduce cycling in hydronic, chiller, and heat pump systems, and to hydraulically decouple the heat source from the distribution system. This product does the job of a hydraulic separator with volume. This buffer tank is a must-have in a water-to-water heat pump application. Hydronic buffer tanks are now offered with the option of one or two built-in coils. In a water-to-water heat pump application, the bottom coil can be used to add solar energy and reduce heat pump on time, and the top coil can be used to preheat domestic hot water and reduce water heater on time.

The investments in advanced manufacturing equipment and factory processes such as welding, quality assurance, and factory training have paid off. All factory-threaded connections are both Teflon taped and doped, and factory tested. Every Heat-Flo tank undergoes a stringent double leak check and quality inspection to assure the highest quality product gets delivered to the job site.

A philosophy of continuous improvement has resulted in Heat-Flo’s water heating system products that are amongst the best in our industry in regards to design, performance, and dependability.

Recent News

Heat-Flo recently moved into a larger more modern manufacturing facility. The facility is located in the heart of the northeast hydronic heating market with easy access to major highways. The plant includes the latest state of the art automated processing equipment, custom designed machinery, and tooling and fixturing to assure high quality products and improved productivity. Heat-Flo product distribution is supported by multiple warehouse locations.